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Technical Data:


Canon Rebel XTi

Canon EF-s 10-22mm, @ 17mm

13s, f/8.0, ISO 100

Jacksonville, FL
December 21, 2009

I wasn't expecting to go out and shoot a sunrise on this particular morning, but I saw what the clouds looked like and thought it might be a good one.

It was okay, but I had too little warning to really shoot something interesting. I had no idea where to go, so I drove around a business park near my house.

I've always felt that this building had an interesting architectural design. It's called "Enterprise Business Center", and from the front.. well it looks like it should be from Star Trek. Maybe that's where they came up with the name.

This was my first time exploring around this building up close, though I've seen it for the last 20 years on an almost daily basis.

I really liked this view with the repetitive lines and reflections.