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Technical Data:


Canon Rebel XTi

Canon EF-s 10-22 @ 17mm

30s, f/4.0, ISO 1600

3 exposures, stitched

Monument Valley Navajo Park, Arizona
October 7, 2009

There is nothing so humbling as looking at a desert sky. You really do feel small, and the stars are so bright and vivid. It's breathtaking for a guy who lives in the middle of the city in a very humid place :)

We were quite disappointed with the crowds at Monument Valley this time around. Last time we went was January of 2006, and we only saw two other cars all day. It was a constant barrage of people this time.

As we were leaving, I decided I wanted to try the startrails photo. The moon started rising, so I cut that short and decided to shoot a panorama of the Milky Way (to the left, stars closely bunched together).

It's the first time I actually wished I'd gotten a Visible+IR conversion on my IR camera so I could actually capture the cloudiness of the Milky Way. Ah well.