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Technical Data:


Canon Digital Rebel

Canon EF-s 18-55, @18mm

1/2000s, f/3.5, ISO 100

Huguenot Park, Jacksonville, Florida
October 15, 2004

Man vainly and constantly tries to control nature.

This fence is like a snow fence, designed to keep the sand from shifting around.

Not too long before this image was shot, a hurricane blew by and wrought havoc upon this fence, collapsing and twisting it.

Is this the best we've got? Some bailing wire and thin planks of wood?

Truth is, it doesn't matter. Rebar concrete doesn't hold up to the force of a storm surge. Oh it might resist longer... but the storm will always win.

Everything man makes, the earth will eventually take back. It reclaims everything we take away from it. We're really only borrowing materials from it.

Not long after this image was shot, the city went back in and replaced the fence with a new one. This was 5 years ago.

I wonder how many fences they've had to replace?

How many more will we put there in attempts to stop nature from doing what it's going to do anyway?