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Technical Data:


Canon Rebel XTi

Canon EF-s 18-55mm, @ 43mm

1/50s, f/8, ISO 100

Mount Rainier National Park, Washington
May 27, 2008

Can't remember the name of this river, but it's on the way up to Paradise.

You can cross this creek on a log bridge and continue up to Carter Falls, which was a fairly easy hike on a well maintained trail.

This picture was one of those "hang on a sec, let me get one last one!" pictures that I saw just as I was turning around to leave the area.

These rocks, I presume, were thrown down by some great landslide or eruption, but I can't imagine the amount of force it would take to move some of these boulders.

I love the tonal range I was able to get out of this image from the bright white snow to the subtle shades of almost black underneath some of the rocks.