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Technical Data:


Canon Rebel XTi

Canon EF-s 10-22 @ 22mm

1/13s, f/8.0, ISO 100

Canyonlands National Park, Utah
October 6, 2009

Every photographer needs a shot of a sunrise from the Mesa Arch, right?

Well, of course we do. We were lined up like robots. Mindless paparazzi all trying to get not only the same shot as each other, but the same shot that's been done millions of times... as though our compositions are original.

I was actually so disgusted with the whole excercise that I almost packed up my gear and walked away. What was the point if it was something everybody else had already done? It's not original.

It's plagiarism of a composition done millions of times over. Plus it was frigid cold and I just wanted to be back in the warm truck.

But I stuck it out. Of course, I got the obligatory usual composition. But as soon as I got 3 or 4 shots of it, I started walking around and looking for other shots.

I wanted something to call my own.

I've never seen a composition of the arch this way, and I feel as though it made for a pretty original sunrise shot there.